We are quietly nestled in Northern Indiana on Bagnall's family farm.

about our team Leader

The MidMusic Tickets team is lead by company founder and President David Bagnall.  David, a graduate of Valparaiso University, has a degree in Marketing as well as Management.  He has over 25 years of experience running his own multi-faceted entertainment distribution company.  David's strengths are responding to customers needs and achieving their goals.   He has been a guest speaker for many fairs and festival conventions throughout the Midwest.  His passion is helping fairs achieve their goals through electronic ticketing, social media, public relations, and marketing. 

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Our firm delivers on our promise to provide you and your customers ease of use and control without having to invest a dime in hardware or IT services.   We strive to offer nothing more than perfection to our clients.


Our staff brings passion and enthusiasm to every project. From fairs, festivals, sporting events, no matter how large or small, we have you covered. .

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